Advanced technology features

1. Make money automatically

Plug-in and free-to-use mobile phone resources, you can also automatically mine to make money (support PoW, PoS, DPoS, PooL...)

2. High security

With a hardware wallet function, with 18 transaction security protection design.

3. Fast transaction

Lightning transaction speed, specific transaction verification as long as 0.01 seconds.

4. Cheapest fee

Specify currency 0 transaction fee. For example: BRC, SPC...

5. Various digital currencies

Supporting various digital currency and exchange binding transactions is fast and convenient.

6. Smart Retail Receipt

Smart retail function can receipt money anytime, anywhere. And the service can work with the robot.

7. Issue digital currency freely

Corporate customers can issue digital currency for free for ICO or IEO purposes.

8. Multiple profile

It can switch between normal and wallet identity, protect important assets, and avoid hacking attacks.

9. One click - quick link

One-click secure payment (wallet binding), one-click trading currency (exchange binding).

10. Offline payment

Ability to operate without internet or electricity (one party to the transaction can be. The specific transaction can be all offline).

11. Paper wallet

It can be used alone without a mobile phone. It is light and convenient. It can also be used for importing accounts.

12. Digital encryption bank

Built-in digital encryption bank, asset management, active and passive funds, tax planning, virtual currency trading, virtual currency ETF and other services.